INTERSECTIONS May 28! Free, public circus-theater that explores chance meetings in one of Philly's most beloved parks.

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On Thursday, May 28 at 6pm, Tangle presents “Intersections,” a free public circus-theater show at the Clark Park Farmers Market! Tangle’s acrobats climb ropes and swing from trapezes undercover as ordinary park visitors, at the popular Farmer’s Market in West Philadelphia’s Clark Park– from vegetable shoppers to families at the playground to commuters on their way home.

“Intersections” celebrates Clark Park as a hub for the diverse communities of West Philadelphia, and explores the chance meetings that happen in our public spaces. Join Tangle for this all-new circus-theater show in one of Philadelphia’s most beloved parks! Rain date Thursday, June 4.

Tangle presents Intersections, free circus-theater at Clark Park


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"Tangle Movement Arts has a record of quality-yet-accessible shows—simultaneously lovely and exhilarating." --Julie Zeglen, Philadelphia City Paper

"A distinctive brand of circus-dance-theater..." --Josh McIlvain, FringeArts blog

"Tangle Movement Arts turns a series of hanging loops into a stand-in for examining precarious relationships." --Brian Schaefer, the New York Times

"A striking presentation of artistry... luring the audience with intricate shapes and emotional authenticity." --TS Hawkins, the Queer Review

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