The Way Out An immersive performance made for the pandemic unfolds across Laurel Hill's historic cemetery — part of the 2020 Fringe Festival. October 1-3, 2020
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New: The Way Out, 2020 Philly Fringe Festival

Philadelphia’s aerial storytellers present The Way Out — an immersive, 100% socially distanced performance for a drive-through audience, as part of the 2020 Fringe Festival. This unique site-specific show unspools across 78 acres of Laurel Hill Cemetery on Thursday October 1 through Saturday October 3. The Way Out is an evening of performance made for the pandemic — capturing a world inside a bubble, a meditation on time and history, and pockets of memory illuminated by flame.

About Tangle

"Tangle Movement Arts has a record of quality-yet-accessible shows—simultaneously lovely and exhilarating." --Julie Zeglen, Philadelphia City Paper

"This all-female company demonstrates their stunning aerial display of strength, creativity and imagination." --Gregory King, Philadelphia danceJournal

"A distinctive brand of circus-dance-theater..." --Josh McIlvain, FringeArts blog

"Tangle Movement Arts turns a series of hanging loops into a stand-in for examining precarious relationships." --Brian Schaefer, the New York Times

"Dazzling moments of theatricality... as much as the company wows with aerial feats, conveying a story is never too far behind. Tangle Movement Arts’ brand of theatre, dance, and aerial work in concert is far more than the sum total of its parts."--Peter Danelski, DCMetroTheaterArts

"A striking presentation of artistry... luring the audience with intricate shapes and emotional authenticity." --TS Hawkins, the Queer Review

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