Tell It Slant

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Nine women dance up and down a rope at a crowded party packed with friendship and drama. A dreamer finds herself in an intimate duet with aerial silks. Two best friends toss each other into the air. And a jilted woman flies on trapeze to exact her sassy revenge on the world. Tangle’s acrobats explore wide-ranging relationships between women in Tell It Slant‘s dynamic circus-theater.

Guest performers included the internationally performing duo trapeze artists Megan Gendell and Lauren Feldman, who debut a dramatic new act exploring trust and freedom between two people in dynamic motion. Set design was contributed by artist Julia Wilson, whose fiber art sculptures transformed the theater of Christ Church Neighborhood House.

Tell It Slant
Tell It Slant: Sampler embroidery by Sal Nicolazzo

Embroidery by Tangle company member Sal Nicolazzo, whose trapeze solo “Sampler” traces one woman’s personal history across centuries via a cryptic embroidered message.