The Way Out & COVID-19

Live performance during a pandemic requires a completely fresh approach. We take the prevention of COVID-19 extremely seriously — every aspect of The Way Out has been designed to keep our audiences, performers, and crew safe. If your question is not answered here, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

How do tickets work?

One ticket is admission for one car— no matter how many people are in it. Bring your whole quaranteam!

All audiences enter The Way Out on a rolling basis, in order of arrival. Upon arriving at Laurel Hill Cemetery, our ushers will greet you through the closed window of your vehicle. Via cellphone, ushers will confirm your ticket time slot, and guide you into the show.

Can I get out of my car?

Audience members will stay in their vehicles for the entire duration of their visit to Laurel Hill Cemetery. There is no access to restrooms before, during, or after the performance.

How long is the show?

The Way Out’s approximate runtime is 50 minutes.

Is it appropriate for children?

The Way Out is family-friendly, with no explicit sexual or violent content, but not specifically created for children.

Will there be tickets for bicyclists?

In September, if COVID-19 cases are not spiking in Philadelphia, Tangle will offer a limited number of $25 tickets per individual cyclist. If these tickets are offered, all cyclists will wear masks and be accompanied throughout the show by an usher who helps maintain social distancing. If you are interested in a cyclist ticket, please contact

Is the show safe for its performers and crew?

Tangle’s commitment to COVID-19 prevention extends to its creative and production team. Tangle Movement Arts re-envisioned its usual creation process, technical design strategy, and load-in/break-down schedule to make it possible for all performers and crew to keep 8+ feet of distance from people not already in their household. Mask-wearing is mandatory, except for performers at a substantial distance from others. Symptom checks are performed before each rehearsal and performance, and sick pay is provided to those with symptoms.

Tickets available via FringeArts!