Tangle is available to teach creative exploration and choreography workshops for aerialists and non-aerialists.

For Aerialists: Aerial Laboratory

This 2-hour workshop invites aerial dancers into Tangle’s innovative, genre-blurring circus-theater— including Tangle’s invented apparatus, the triple hammock.

Aerial Lab workshop at Upspring Studio in MD. “Aerial Laboratory” makes aerial equipment into a playground of new ways to move, share stories, and relate to one another. By the end, students will have each created a series of brand-new movement sequences, as well as gathered new tools for future aerial storytelling. We’ll explore ensemble, duet, and solo movement, structured by classic Tangle creation games like secret-admirer dances, exquisite-corpse storytelling, and trust-building collaboration. No prior dance/theater experience required, beyond basic aerial technique.

Up to 8 participants. Requires studio with adequate aerial rigging. Photo: Upspring Studio.

For Non-Aerialists: Duet with Object

In circus arts, you’re never truly alone. With bodyweight supported and shared by ropes, bars, or other people, this art form enables dance to find new shapes and theater to tell new stories. This 2-hour workshop invites newcomers into Tangle’s inventive, genre-blurring aerial dance theater– no experience required!

Duet with Object. Photo by Brett Calcott.“Duet with Object” offers a safe, playful arena for discovery and improvisation. We’ll begin with a standard aerials warm-up and safety talk, but this workshop will not aim to teach aerial vocabulary. Instead, we’ll use extremely low-flying circus equipment as a playground for dance theater imagination, structured by classic Tangle improvisation games like imitation dances, Wikipedia-inspired theater stories, speed-dating with props, and trust-building collaborative play.

Up to 8 participants. Requires studio with adequate aerial rigging, or can be adapted for non-circus studio. Photo: Brett Calcott.

To discuss these and other workshop possibilities, contact Lauren.